JURIEL FURUKAWA is an Art Director with a motion & graphic design background making bold, experimental, and concept driven work. Juriel specializes in bringing depth and purpose to visual identity through research & inquiry. Please Email for inquiry about client work. 

@NikeSportswear X CRTZ 


Art Direction, DP, Editor, Pre production

This project entailed a collaboration with UK streetwear brand CRTZ, founded by visionary British Nigerian designer Clint 419, with the goal of generating excitement and offering NikeSportswear's audience an exclusive front-row experience. As the lead, I oversaw the art direction, filming, editing, and production coordination for the Nike x CRTZ Airmax 95 Pink Beam shoe launch.

From assisting in pre-production by crafting mood boards to being on-site filming and conducting interviews, my role encompassed a wide array of responsibilities. This included selecting talent, directing shots, and providing art direction during filming, as well as guiding post-production efforts by assisting in video art and design direction, making photo selects and edits, and curating video selects for the editor. Through meticulous curation and swift editing, our resulting content surpassed NikeSportswear's average reels and grid posts, resonating deeply with CRTZ's dedicated fan base and effectively capturing the electrifying atmosphere of the drop on a 1 day turn around.

Air Max Day: Truth or Air


As a crucial team member, I played a significant role in pre-production art direction, which involved creating mood boards, curating references for set design, props, and styling, selecting talent and directors, storyboarding, and contributing to the initial art direction pitch. This collective effort was pivotal in securing the Air Max Day project.

In post-production, I assumed a central position in design and art direction, overseeing task delegation, guiding asset creation, maintaining design system integrity, making content selects and markups, and ensuring cohesion across all visual elements, including photos and videos. This collaborative approach resulted in the approval of a compelling 4-part episode series exploring Air Max models alongside the launch of Air Max Dn, creating an immersive experience for Nike enthusiasts and historians.

Through meticulous curation of set props and engaging storytelling across platforms like Instagram Stories and the grid, we crafted a narrative that resonated powerfully with our audience and client.

EP 1: AM 90 Infrared
EP 2: AM Safari
EP 3:  AM Plus

Nike Ai Captcha


A proof of concept image gallery for Nikesportswear's grid carousel post. The
The gallery showcases AI-generated images featuring original visuals to promote Nike's new Cortez shoe colorway. Drawing inspiration from the shoe's rebellious, fresh, and youthful qualities, we utilized generative tools and traditional imagery to encapsulate the essence of freshness through an urban lens. Inspired by elements like fruit stands, park grass, and condensation on cold drinks, this approach creatively highlights the Cortez shoe's appeal while embracing cutting-edge AI technology.

My role encompassed creating mood boards, pitching concepts, editing assets and photos, selecting images, and providing art direction. This comprehensive involvement ensured client satisfaction and built trust in our ability to deliver impactful visual campaign concepts.

@Nikesportswear Expressions Spring 23 Campaign

Role: Pre production, Art direction 

As a contributor to the Nike Expressions Spring 2023 campaign, I played a pivotal role in crafting a collection of expressive styling stories that redefined newness and injected fun into fashion. Collaborating with the Style Council, we produced 10 engaging reels and stills for various platforms, including .com, email, and app, as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

My responsibilities primarily revolved around pre-production art direction, where I curated mood boards, mockups and proof of concepts to convey our innovative ideas for the pitch. Additionally, I actively participated in the creative process, offering valuable insights to explore the narratives and ensure each styling story authentically represented Nike's fashion-forward vision. The project's outcome was remarkable, establishing Nike as a trusted voice in fashion and showcasing its dedication to embracing novelty while having fun with fashion.


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